Kitchen Benchtops

The benchtop is an essential part of any kitchen.

Being a space where you work with breakable, sharp or even hot objects, it’s important to ensure that your countertop is safe, spacious and durable. A great benchtop will allow you to go through the meal preparation cycle with utmost comfort and efficiency. We always work with this in mind as we provide you with the best possible working surface.

If you’re looking to build a bustling kitchen with many cooks operating in it for several hours in a day, you may want to look into stainless steel benchtops. Not only are these very easy to clean, they are also highly durable and can withstand a heavy beating on a regular basis. You can count on stainless steel countertops to be able to take different forms of impact and heat without breaking down.

Caesarstone and marble are premium finishes that we can use as your benchtop.

These come with a beautiful, glossy finish that will instantly spruce up your entire kitchen area. Best of all, they can last you for years or even decades.

Laminate is a convenient budget option if you want a glossy countertop without the hefty price tag. Being very easy to install or remove we can have this ready for use quickly so you can start making use of your kitchen in no time. Of course, don’t let the price tag and ease of installation fool you. We will only make use of high quality laminate materials from our trusted suppliers that are guaranteed to last you a very long time.

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